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We Guarantee to beat any genuine quote but will Never compromise on quality.

We Guarantee to beat any genuine quote but will Never compromise on quality.


07934 118 687

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The Dent Team Ltd


The Dent Team Ltd

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Paintless dent removal


The Dent Team Ltd  Sedgefield Drive  Syston  Leicester  LE71YU

The Dent Team Ltd      is a registered trademark


Please note we do not paint !

Please note we do not paint !



We offer you the convenience of a mobile dent removal service, meaning that we visit you at your home or place of work to undertake the work at a time convenient to you.


Cost.....  Why pay to have your car filled and painted if it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a body shop repair ?

Up to 60% cheaper and usually cheaper than your insurance excess.


Quality.....  Why risk having a dodgy paint match of knowing your car has filler in it if it can be repaired without filling or painting ? We opperate purely on QUALITY and we have 100% satisfaction guarantee, just because we quality does'nt mean we don't offer value for money !


Convenience.....  Why lose your car for several days in a body shop when we can come to you at your home or workplace ? Typically most repairs are completed in one hour or less.


Original finish.....  Having the knowledge that your car is just how it was the day it left the factory, which also helps increase vehicle re-sale value.


It's not only cars we repair, we remove dents from motorbikes, vans, lorries etc etc, we can remove dings and dents from anything made from metal, providing we can gain access from behind the dent and the metal isn't too thick.


We have worked on all kinds of vehicles new and old, prestige to classic, most of which are your pride and joy, keeping your vehicle looking like new isn't as costly as you may think.


We GUARANTEE to beat any genuine like for like quotation, but will NEVER compromise on quality.


For more information on the services we can provide you, please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and pictures and we will do our very best to get back to you.

Call now on :  07934 118 687  for a no obligation quotation.